When Courage Strikes


MY JOURNEY WITH SNOWFLAKE THE ELECTRIC BIKE  I have been on a mission in 2019 to stay healthy and live my best life so, there I was another Saturday afternoon, wondering what the day would bring ahead of me. I had no thoughts or clues at this moment what I should do. See I am […]

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The Mystery of Menstrual Cups

Hi DABS, editor & fellow DAB sister Nicole Frederick here. Today I’m taking on the mystery of the menstrual cup to help more woman calm their fears and see the benefits of switching up their menstrual products from tampons to cups. If you need some info on the ins & outs of menstrual cups you’re […]

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Want it all? Time to find you.


  How do you find you? Have you ever been out with a group of people and think to yourself, “WOW, that girl knows herself. She knows everything she wants in life, who she is, and how she is going to get there.” Ugh, SIGH, Gulp… your posture starts to slump, and a gloomy cloud […]

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Thoughtful Thursday: Mindful Pledge


Hey DAB’s today’s Thoughtful Thursday is all about your mindful pledge in the presence of yourself and other’s. Mindfulness; The ability to pay attention to the present moment with a conscious state of being and without judgment. “Be where you are. Otherwise, you’ll miss your life.” -Buddha   Dab Sisters Take The Mindful Pledge It […]

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Thoughtful Thursday: Save The Earth

It doesn’t take a lot to be thoughtful. Doing simple tasks, for yourself, other’s, or even planet earth will go a long way. When recycling, do not just throw your plastics into the garbage with all your leftovers inside… Remember to wash them out completely as well. What did you do today for THOUGHTFUL THURSDAY? […]

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