This past Saturday I was lucky enough to kick off FESTIVAL SEASON and attend the StyleCon + STS BLUE event at Hotel Indigo on Saturday, March 24th. The days are longer, flowers are blooming, and soon we will be pulling out our favorite wedges, flip flops, tank tops, and denim shorts!

Festival Season has arrived!!!!! Something about this time of year makes me feel super giddy and excited. Maybe, it’s that I know I am going to walk outside and FEEL NATURE COME to LIFE. IT’S SPRING! LOTS OF THINGS HAPPENING WHEN THE SEASONS CHANGE, OUR ENVIRONMENT uplifts OUR MOOD, and it’s time to hang out with our BEST FRIENDS, listen to some amazing music, and relax in the summer sun.

So, here is the low down on what happened and my personal favorites…

First,  I stopped by Chic Studios to get some glitter brows and lips done by Mona Rezaei  @facebymona Makeup artist.… Glitter is a DEFINITE YESSSS for festival season. As soon as the mirror caught my eye, I was like well HELLOOOO LADY, THAT LOOKS NICE!. I enjoyed this product because it was super simple to use. GLITTER Brows by Billion dollar brows. I got one in pink and silver, but they have other colors available too! So check them out for your festival needs!

Next- I see STS Blue POP OP– Denim shorts, jean jacket’s  Oh YeSSSs, eyes glaring straight ahead,  I FIND THE PERFECT SHORTS. Just the right amount of fringe, and just the right amount of fade.

I know I am going to be happy about these shorts because after talking to one of the STS Blue specialist’s, I found they created the design based on value, a perfect fit, and a jean that will make heads turn.

I already know it is going to look great because of the way the fabric lays on the hanger, and sure enough, when I got home, these babies were an absolute happy purchase. So ladies look no further for your summer denim needs. Oh!  The prices don’t go over $80.00, so they have a great range of items at different prices!! Woohoo! Shop

Thanks so much to StyleCon for the amazing goodie bag! I truly love the Smashmellow crispy treats and the Xlear Nasal spray. Also, a must have for snacking on the go, and clear your sinuses during your frolicking in the desert sun!  Happy festival season DABS!!  Please comment below on our blog and let us know what you will be wearing for this festival season!!! We’d love to hear from you! Yours truly – Heathyr Frances. Xoxo

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  1. Yaaassss glitter!! You’ve always been a risktaker with fashion and had a keen eye on fabric pairings. Love the article!

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