How do you find you?

Have you ever been out with a group of people and think to yourself, “WOW, that girl knows herself. She knows everything she wants in life, who she is, and how she is going to get there.” Ugh, SIGH, Gulp… your posture starts to slump, and a gloomy cloud appears over your head. What happened?! You were having a blast, and now your heart and mind feel like you lost at the Olympics.

DAB’S not to worry this has probably happened to the majority of our generation. Both to men and women before us and it will happen the generations after us. Take it as a sign that now is the time to take action and honestly get to know yourself!!!! Knowing yourself from the bottom of your high heels to the top of your beautifully teased hair, from your fingertips to your heart and brain, and all over.

I spent half of my life in LA-LA-Land, or whatever you want to call it. I forgot to get to know myself. Age’s thirteen, fourteen, and fifteen were such a blur to me because I was too worried about fitting in with everyone else, I took on their mannerisms and habits, instead of creating my own or finding out who I was. At twenty-three it dawned on me that I didn’t know who I was, or how I got to where I was. I had that moment where I was next to a super successful girl who had it all together, and after days of sulking, I realized I wanted that for myself. So I then started to do some real soul-searching.

With Knowing yourself, comes the confidence you need to stand tall in any situation -The DAB Company

Maybe this has happened to you but don’t dwell on that, remind yourself not to make it a comparison, just realize that women who have the “complete package,” only shows that there is NO reason in the world that you can’t have it too. All it takes is that first start, knowing your goals, being consistency, reinforcing your actions, and being positive. All of this will help your goals become a reality.

So how did I do this you ask? I started by asking myself a few small questions and building on my goals to become the women I am today. I had to dig deep to find the answers within myself and so will you. Don’t get discouraged because you will see who you are and this will be one of the greatest things you have ever accomplished. With Knowing yourself, comes the confidence you need to stand tall in any situation.

Please find questions below that you can ask yourself so you can see that inner completeness. Every female in this world deserves to feel whole, so start NOW!

We ALWAYS want to hear from all of our beautiful readers and viewers so please submit your experience after you have answered our questions, as always feel free to send your questions or tricks you have used to find yourself. We love to share with our DAB sisterhood. Thanks for reading!


1. What type of person am I? (Friendly, angry, happy, outgoing, shy, etc.?

2. What type of person do I want to be?

3. How will I change what I don’t like in myself to try to be better?

4. What are my goals? Short term/ long term?

5. What are my strengths?

6. What are my weaknesses?

7. What & who matters to me the most?

8. What do I believe in?

9. What are my values?

10. What are things I will say yes to? Is this a healthy choice?

11. What are my boundaries?

12. What are my fears and what can I do to overcome them?

13. Favorites? Food, color, clothes, exercise, etc.?

14. What gives me comfort?

15. What is my passion, and why am I passionate about these things?

16. What are three steps can I take to make these passions part of my career or lifestyle?

17. What is my biggest failure? How can I use that to help me overcome my future obstacles?

19. What triggers you, what makes you upset?

20. How do you manage your time?

21. How can I manage my time better to get to where I want to be?


2 Comments on Want it all? Time to find you.

  1. Words can’t explain how incredibly proud I am of you. I know you have had great visions and they are now all coming true! I am grateful to be a part of your journey. Love you sister!

    • Thank you Kelly for being an Original member of the DAB Sisterhood and also a part of my life! its women like you that this world needs more of! love you

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